9 December 2018

The Green Party has passionately expressed their love for Rimrose Valley Park, which is a unique green treasure in the midst of so many communities.


The Sefton Greens have been in the forefront of the campaign with its coordinator, Mike Carter, being a founding member of the Rimrose Valley Friends Charity.


We have highlighted the threat posed by the increase in the already heavy road pollution that locals suffer on a daily basis, especially on the A5036 with interviews on local television. We invited the then leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Natalie Bennett here to see the beauty of Rimrose Valley and to chat with locals and Caroline Lucas, MP visited the Seaforth Port entrance and saw, heard and experienced the pollution causing port traffic.

 Rimrose Hands Together

Parks and local green spaces have been shown to be fundamental to our wellbeing providing the opportunity for communities to integrate, relax, exercise and play. We need to make sure all residents are within easy reach of parks, play areas and green spaces. Any plan to push a dual-carriageway full of HGV’s has to be fought and defeated


We call for a consultation immediately on introducing emergency traffic-reduction measures to protect people from air pollution.  We need to see our local councils make a commitment that all developments are air quality neutral and require new developments to reduce air pollution in the most heavily polluted areas.


Sefton Green Party

Cllr Marion Wykes

Cllr Mike Carter

Liverpool Green Party

Cllr Tom Crone

Cllr Sarah Jennings

Cllr Anna Key

Cllr Lawrence Brown