27 October 2018

The Green Party's leader on Liverpool City Council, Cllr Tom Crone, has branded the Metro Mayor's Big Bus Debate the Big Bus Debacle. Cllr Crone hit out at Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham's latest consultation exercise calling it a waste of time and money,
"We all know that bus travelers want cheap, efficient bus services that run to timetable and can fairly compete against other forms of transport. The ink is barely dry on the current region-wide bus strategy and here we go again on a pointless exercise finding out what Merseytravel already know."
The government has awarded the Liverpool City Region £139 million Transforming Cities funding to invest in sustainable transport but the Greens are concerned that decisions are being made without involving key stakeholders and the money will end up being wasted.
"We already know that £10 million is being spent this year, if we don't act now, we won't have a lot to show for the overall investment. The Mayor needs to move quickly to start to make positive changes to our local environment instead of going round in ever decreasing circles.